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What does our complex customer service of the Russian- and English-speaking tourists include?

The preparation of a schedule of the stay tailored to the needs of the recipient, the selection of suitable accommodation, organization of transport in Poland and the Russian or English-speaking resident/tour guide care.

We do not limit ourselves to showing you the most important places of the region and pathways well-known to millions of feet. We take you to all the mysterious, unusual and hidden nooks. During the tour we bring our guests closer to the history and culture of the Jelenia Góra Valley and the surrounding area through meetings with its inhabitants, telling the history of the region, monuments and other non-standard ways such as sharing the recipes and tasting regional spirits.

Finally, our customer service of the Russian and English-speaking tourists meansgreeting foreigners with the warm welcome, hospitality and openness. We are passionate about diversity and multiculturalism, conversations with people from different countries and backgrounds as each of these conversations is enriching and allows you to see the world in a different perspective. Therefore, we are not guided by stereotypes in the assessment of people nor in the organization of the program of our guests’ trip. Every man is an individual self and he will find with us a personal approach, respect and acceptance. The tours which he attends will stay forever in his memory because they are truly exceptional. While preparing a residency program we take into account, inter alia, the country of origin of our guests to show them what they do not have every day in their homeland. And this applies not only to places, but also the people, cultural and natural phenomena, cuisine and leisure activities.

As a part of our Russian and English-speaking tourists service we also organize pro-health and pro-fitness trips, during which we combine sightseeing with physical activity. In our offer you will find Nordic walking classes, pilates, gymnastics for the spine, stretching and running. Upon request we may also organize other activities such as yoga or intensive classes aimed at burning fat and improving the efficiency of the organism.

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